The following illustrations show the intricate linkages and interplay between social, ecological and technological drivers that affect zoonotic disease risks. The visualisations are representations of expert assessments made by researchers from a variety of disciplines that have a deep understanding of the complexities of the different cases.


During our scenarios workshop sessions we asked each of the country teams to identify what they perceived to be the multiple drivers affecting their specific disease under the different scenarios being considered. The drivers identified were diverse, spanning social dynamics, health and environmental factors. Altogether, 20 drivers were collated. Each country team then connected these to illustrate how they interlinked. It emerged that some interactions are one-way, but most are two-way, meaning that their impact is positive in one direction but negative in the other. Three regional additions to the identified drivers were made during the analysis: poor governance (Kenya), wildlife (Zambia), and housing quality (Sierra Leone).

Exploring interacting drivers

To see the complexity of the interactions, move the cursor over each driver and see how it relates to any other driver.

A larger version of each model can be found at the bottom of its respective country page.

Sierra Leone

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